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rules & regulations:

Game rules:

Five outfield players, one goalkeeper. Substitutes are allowed at the team's discretion. There is no cap on the number of substitutes used (i.e. unlimited size of the roster permitted).
 We operate a flexible roster system, teams may use as many players as they wish during the season. There is no cap on players used per game. Players may only play for one team in the league.
​​​ At kick-off's, the ball must be passed backwards by a single player from the halfway line. Kick-offs will also restart play after a goal has been scored.
When the ball goes out of play, play will be restarted with a kick-in.
Nobody is allowed in the marked area except the goalkeeper. However, the goalkeeper is able to exit the area. The ball may only be handled by the goalkeeper inside of the marked area. If a defender goes in their own marked area, it is a penalty. Common sense will be applied when enforcing this rule to decide whether it was deliberate or a player’s motion just carried them in. If an attacker goes in, it's goalkeeper’s ball.
Penalties will be taken 4 yards from the edge of the area and the taker must only have one step before the shot.
Yellow cards carry a 2-minute sin bin. 2 yellows = a red.
The goalkeeper cannot pick up a back pass, results in a free kick being given from 4 yards outside the area.
All free kicks are direct.
No opposition player can be stood within 4 yards of free kick, corner or kick in
Once the goalkeeper has passed the ball to a teammate, the ball cannot go directly back to the goalkeeper. If it does a free kick from the point of the pass will be given. A free kick will also be given in the opposite situation (i.e. if a player passes the ball back to the goalkeeper, the ball cannot go directly back to the same player.)
If a foul is committed when the attacking player has a clear goal scoring opportunity a free shot will be given from the point of the foul. This will be the same as a free kick, but all players must be behind the ball.
Substitutions are roll on/roll off, so players can come on and off as many times as they wish. However, the referee must be notified when any substitution is made and substitutions may only occur when the ball is not in play.
• No slide tackles are allowed. Any slide tackle will result in an immediate yellow card.


By signing up to the league you have made a commitment to fulfil all the fixtures for the duration of the league. If you forfeit your position in the league you will be liable to pay an early exit fee. The fee will be determined based on how many fixtures are left to play.
Please arrive 10 minutes before your game, so that you can pay your match fee and get started on time.
Teams must pay in cash or by major credit card before they enter the field. 
Team color refers to the color in which the team shall play in. In the event of teams playing in the same color pinnies will be provided.
If you are late, you will start a goal down.
If your team fails to honour a fixture, you will be liable for the full cost of the match missed. You will also be given a 5-0 loss.
If the team you are due to play against do not show, we will try to organise a friendly which will cost the same as a normal game, but you will get the 5-0 win.

 It is the responsibility of the team's captain to ensure all players in their team are registered. 

If a team or an individual registers after the registration period has closed he/she will be liable to pay a late entrance fee. The late entrance fee is $50 per team and $5 per individual registration.

6v6 rules: